Boy Scout Activities

Merit Badge University

When: February 8, February 22, and March 8, 2014 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Fitchburg State University
Cost: $20
Deadline: Register by January 31, 2014
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 1! Merit Badge College is an opportunity for all Boy Scouts ages 11 to 17 to connect with merit badge counselors and earn required and elective merit badges on their trail to Eagle Scout. Each Scout may participate in two merit badges of his choice. Participants will work on each badge for 80 minutes on each of three saturdays.

Preregistration is required. Classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Changes and additions may not be made after the registration deadline. Class sizes are determined by the counselors and fill up quickly. Don't hesitate. Register today!

Registration includes a merit badge book for each badge, necessary classroom materials and a Merit Badge University event patch. Scouts will be provided a merit badge application (blue card) with their book. This card must be filled out, signed by their Scoutmaster, and returned to the counselor by the final day of Merit Badge University.


Scouts will receive a registration confirmation e-mail. This will be your only confirmation, and will contain important instructions for arrival as well as any work that should be completed prior to the the first session.

Some counselors may assign work to be completed before and between Merit Badge University sessions. Scouts are responsible for writing down and completing all assignments for every class.

Only Scouts who complete all merit badge requirements individually and with the degree of proficiency required by the counselor will have their merit badge application signed upon completion. Partial cards will be awarded at the counselor's discretion.


Scout Uniform, Note Paper, Pencil/Pen and Scout Spirit. Wear warm clothes, weekend temperature is set at 60 degrees.


Your help is needed. Volunteer to be a hallway monitor or other supporting role.


Click here for driving directions to Fitchburg State University.


On class day, all Scouts must check-in at Percival Hall. Parents may pick Scouts up at Percival Hall at noon. Please park in the designated areas. Remember that we are guests of Fitchburg State, and a Scout is courteous. Click here for a campus map.



American Heritage  
Art/Sculpture Note 8
Auto Mechanics  
Aviation Note 10
Cinematography Notes 2 & 4
Citizenship in the Community Notes 1 & 2
Citizenship in the Nation Notes 1 & 2
Citizenship in the World Notes 1 & 2
Communications Notes 1 & 2
Emergency Preparedness  
Engineering Note 3
Graphic Arts  
Journalism Second period only
Nuclear Science  
Photography Note 7 & 9
Public Speaking  
Scouting Heritage Note 3 

Note 1. This badge is required for Eagle.

Note 2. Instructor request, be at least First Class.

Note 3. Must have notebook and pen

Note 4. Must have camcorder and computer at home.

Note 5. Serious participants only! Review Requirements.

Note 6. Must have computer at home; review requirements.

Note 7. Must have a camera.

Note 8. Complete requirement #4 at home, prior to conclusion of Merit Badge College.

Note 9. Must have topic for requirement #4

Note 10. Field trip on day 3 of Merit Badge University.

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