Cub Scout Activities

Earn Your Stripes Roll Call

This summer cub scout across the council were invited to participate in 3 activities at Camp Split Rock. These fun filled afternoons had 3 distinct themes: Shooting gallery, Scoutcraft, and Wet N Wild! Accompanied by their adult partner, Nashua Valley Council had 111 Cub Scouts  participate in the following activities: BB Guns, Archery, Rope making, Dutch Oven Cooking, Bead Necklace, Tent Pitch Relay, Bouldering, Compass & Orienteering, Campfire Songs and Cheers, Swimming, Boating, and Fishing. With dates scheduled in Jun, July, and August these Scouts, who attended all 3, have qualified for the Summertime Pack Award.


Congratulations to the following Scouts who Attended all dates:

  • Aiden W. P-18 Athol
  • Timothy G. P-18 Athol
  • Dylan W.  P-18 Athol
  • Samuel H. P-12 Hubbardston
  • Dan F. P-193 Winchendon
  • Ben F. P-193 Winchendon
  • Quinton L. P-4 Gardner
  • Ian S. P-193 Winchendon
  • Jacob F. P-18 Athol

The following Scouts “did their Best” and were able to make only 2, but tis enough for a Shout out!
Honorable Mention (2 dates):

  • Garreth G. P-34 Sterling
  • Miquel C. P-16 Leominster
  • Daltin H. P-18 Athol
  • Jaxon H. P-18 Athol
  • Kyle M. P-3 Leominster
  • Marcus H. P-11 Townsend
  • Samuel T. P-34 Sterling
  • Corbin B. P-34 Sterling
  • Liam K. P-16 Leominster
  • James P. P-12 Hubbardston
  • Deion M. P-17 Fitchburg
  • Mike W. P-193 Winchendon

Thank you to following Leaders and parents who helped make these Cubs “Earn their stripes”! Without you it could not have happened. Thank you Kevin Fuller, David Susman, Rodney Fagan, Sherry Nault, Jamie Pitney, Jennifer Taft, Luke Steere, Matt Gustafson, and all the Aquatics Staff from both Camp Wanocksett and Camp Split Rock.

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