Brownsea Adventure

    Brownsea Adventure

    Brownsea Adventure is a special camp area that helps new and younger Scouts master the skills they need to complete the Tenderfoot Scout, Second Class Scout, and First Class Scout ranks. Scouts learn the basic Scout skills they need for advancement, as well as enjoy special programs available only for younger campers. Programs are available for Scouts of all ages every afternoon.

    Session Classes Offered

    • Tenderfoot
    • Second Class
    • First Class

    Wanocksett Philosophy on Rank Advancement - We will make sure our training of each young Scout is held to the highest standards – we will teach the Scouts the skills, but we will not sign books. It is up to the Scoutmaster to validate the Scout’s knowledge of the particular skill in question before he/she signs off the requirement. At the end of the week, each troop will receive a sheet with a list of skills that each boy com- pleted during their time at Brownsea.

    How It Works - The first year camper program at Wanocksett is called “Brownsea Adventure” in honor of Brownsea Island, the location of Lord Baden-Powell’s first camp for boys where he introduced them to Scout skills. Scouts can sign up for one, two, or three Brownsea sessions as if they were merit badges. Scouts then learn the skills needed to advance from Scout to First Class. We support the unit in however they wish to deliver their program, but recommend that it is optimal for the boys to not take more than one session of Brownsea. This session should be of the rank the Scout has yet to earn and has the most work left to complete.

    A Scout working below his level or spending too much time in Brownsea misses out on the rich range of program opportunities at Camp Wanocksett.

    Five Mile Hike - A special Brownsea-only hike is a great opportunity to see the Grand Monadnock from a different perspective and also to cover the requirement for rank advancement. Conducted in a safe manner, this program exposes boys to the whole Thorndike Pond while they learn the proper way to hike on the road and use compasses for orienteering.