Camp Wanocksett, BSA • 642 Upper Jaffrey Rd. • Dublin, NH 03444
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Ecology & Conservation

Camp Wanocksett contains over 200 acres of prime New England wilderness for Scouts to explore while they learn about the workings of the natural world and our place within it.

Muck Walk  For those on the adventurous side, wade your way through the unique environment of the Camp Wanocksett swamp. Leave camp nice and clean, and return covered with muddy, slimy filth! This is always a great way to spend the afternoon with friends.

Sagi Island Trip  Visit a deserted island. WOW! That sounds awesome, how can I do that? Easy – join the nature staff on a canoe trip across the Thorndike to Sagi Island. Watch where you walk because you never know who or what you are going to run into on the island!

Ice Cream Glaciers  Prehistoric land features just aren’t as fun without a little sugar. Come have fun, learn how glaciers once covered the Earth, and stuff your face with that ice cream glacier.

Sunset Summit – What better way to celebrate a week at camp than climb a mountain for the sunset? Join the nature staff in this fun event that is sure to enlighten everyone.

Underwater Nature Hike – Have you ever wondered what kind of creatures life just beyond the camp waterfront?  Now’s your chance!  Come down to the Waterfront with the Ecology staff and let the exploration begin.

Leave-No-Trace – Does everybody know and live the Outdoor Code? A great way to learn how to live it in practice every time you go camping is to learn low impact camping skills.  This program stresses not damaging the environment as we use it for our Scouting experience.

Experiment Extravaganza – Who doesn’t like to see things explode?!?  Visit the Den and lean about some great chemical reactions all while seeing an exciting show. 

Merit Badge Difficulty Cost Comments

Archaeology Merit Badge 

Aviation Merit Badge
(Bonus Badge)
Moderate   Scouts must have previous flight experience.
Chemistry Merit Badge
Composite Materials Merit Badge
Composite Materials
Moderate   Prerequisite: Requirements 4b & 5
Energy Merit Badge
Easy   Bonus Badge.  Prerequisite: Requirements 4a & 4b
Environmental Science Merit Badge
Environmental Science
Difficult   Two period class

Archaeology Merit Badge 


Archaeology Merit Badge 


Archaeology Merit Badge 
Mammal Studies

Easy    Bonus badge

Archaeology Merit Badge 
Pulp & Paper


Archaeology Merit Badge 
Soil & Water Conservation


Archaeology Merit Badge 

Easy   Prerequisite: Requirement 8