The Nashua Valley Council, BSA, has been supporting local North Central Massachusetts’s Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Venturing crews, Explorer posts, and in-school character education programs since 1965. This year we celebrated our 90th Anniversary of Boy Scout resident camp at Camp Wanocksett!  In order to serve the more than 3,700 youth of Nashua Valley Council, provide outstanding outdoor camping and program facilities at Camp Split Rock and Camp Wanocksett, provide advancement, training, recruitment support, a Scout Service Center, and much more, we need the support of each of our Scouting families.

Many families have already responded to our 2014 appeal for support. Between January and May, our volunteers visited almost all of our Scouting units to make a brief presentation about Scouting in our area and the importance of members’ support. If you were one of the many families that made a pledge of support, THANK YOU!  Because of your support, and our own careful fiscal stewardship, we are very close to ending the year with a balanced budget. Continued support from our families is critical. If we happened to miss you, or you are able to make an additional year-end contribution, please consider donating today online. 

In order for the Nashua Valley Council to support each youth with the above services and more, a minimum necessary contribution of $35 per Scout is required. If you feel that Scouting is making a strong impact in your community and the lives of our youth, please support the program at whatever level you can. The actual cost to support one Scout per year in the program is $135. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and as a thank you for gifts over $135, a commemorative patch will be mailed to you in celebration of Camp Wanocksett's 90th Anniversary.  

The commitment that you make today will help to make Scouting in Nashua Valley Council financially secure, and will help to ensure that Scouting is strong, growing and relevant in North Central Massachusetts for the next 100 years! We can think of no more important investment!  Thank you for supporting Nashua Valley Council, and Scouting!

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises more than $130,000 from communities, businesses and families to support the Scouting Movement in Nashua Valley Council.

Donate Now

Scouting is growing and thriving in north-central Massachusetts. Careful management and a strong volunteer base have enabled Nashua Valley Council to continue to serve a large and diverse group of Scouts. We have accomplished this, in part, because our members and community leaders see the value of Scouting and have helped maintain a strong fundraising base. It is critical that we keep this trend going.

Scouting volunteers will visit units between January and May to share our successes from the past year, our needs for the future, and give all Scout families the opportunity to support Nashua Valley Council for the coming year. We know that you value Scouting, and we look forward to your support.

Families are the ones who see first-hand the benefit of Scouting for their child. A successful Friends of Scouting campaign will help ensure:

  • Your unit leaders receive the training and problem-solving support they need to keep your Scouts safe, and make your unit successful.
  • Your Scouts have access to best-in-class camping facilities, and exceptional program opportunities.
  • The council can extend the benefits of the Scouting program to more local youth than ever before.
  • The council is able to provide financial assistance to Scouts attending summer camp.

Strong family support helps local companies, organizations, and community leaders to recognize the importance of Scouting to youth in our communities, and make their own contributions to Nashua Valley Council.

Nashua Valley Council has been a leader in youth services in our communities. Your support will help ensure we can continue in our mission to deliver a values-based program of citizenship, character development, and physical fitness for our Scouts.