GML Officers

The program of the Order of the Arrow, from the local lodge to the national organization, is directed by elected and appointed youth officers under the age of 21. Elected youth officers and their appointees develop program ideas, calendars and schedules, and budgets, and operate an extensive year-round program of service and fellowship. Adults, both volunteers and professional Scout employees, serve as advisers to insure health, safety, and BSA standards compliance -- but youth members alone have control over the direction of the program, and only youth vote in the business and elections of the lodge.

Each lodge is led by a Lodge Chief, who is the top elected youth officer (the "president") of the lodge. He is a registered Scout or Scouter under the age of 21 for his entire term. He is assisted by other elected officers -- vice chief(s), a secretary, and a treasurer; as well as appointed committee chairmen and other officers -- all of whom are registered members in good standing under the age of 21 who are elected by their peers at annual lodge elections. Each one of these officers also has an adult adviser for guidance and support. Together, the officers and their advisers compose the Lodge Executive Board, which directs the lodge program.

More Information on the Lodge Operating Committees can be found on the Committees Page.

The current officers for Grand Monadnock Lodge #309 are:

Name Position
Chris C. Lodge Chief
William S. Massasoit Vice Chief
Brian K. Wachusett Vice Chief
Bobby F. Secretary
Ben H. Treasurer
Matt Ciampaglia Lodge Adviser