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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

This is the list of activity pin classes that will be offered. Our faculty recruitment and selection process goes on throughout the summer.  This class list may be subject to change before the event. As for faculty, we are always looking for more help.  With more faculty, more boys get their first choice.   If you’re experienced and you’d like to share your knowledge with excited Webelos, drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Artist – Using the setting of the Handicraft cabin at Camp Wanocksett, boys will create masterpieces sometimes associated with the theme of the event.  Many of our Artist teachers work as Art teachers and are accomplished artists of their own.

Citizen - Taught by an Eagle Scout and current Selectman of the Town of Shirley. Duty to Country!

Engineer – Professional Engineers are usually teaching this class.  And there are catapults.  Did I mention catapults?  People who do this for a living can explain why and how certain things are important which adds more than just someone covering requirements.

Forester – We make attempts to get people who work with trees.  It’s better to hear about what actually goes into fire warnings than just learning what the different stages are.  Plus, you’re in the New Hampshire woods just as the leaves start turning.  Cool.

Geologist – Our Geologist faculty are either professional or heavily into studying Geology.

Handyman – Changing tires and looking in the engine of an antique car.  Our only problem with this class is dads are often more excited about it than the boys are.  This is a very hands-on class for the boys.

Readyman – The class is headed by the Acton Venture Crew, who handle first aid for many Massasoit District events.  We use a set defined program, with hands on experience to reinforce the knowledge picked up by the boys.

Scientist – The laws of science are kind of interesting.  Watching them being applied is awesome.

Showman – The class is tied in with the evening campfire to give the boys a chance to quickly utilize what they have learned.  There is a bigger emphasis on performance here than on the academic part (what’s a theatre in the round?).

Scoutcraft – The content of this changes every year.  Unlike the predefined activity badge requirements, there is no set program.  We pick the content of the course depending on our instructor and what s/he is knowledgeable about.  This is not just a few hours of knots.  We’ve had wilderness survival (presented age appropriately) with a focus on good woodland habits.