Promoting summer camp in your pack

What does camp provide Scouts?

  • FUN!
  • Opportunity to meet other Scouts and make new friends.
  • Chance to learn new skills and try new things.
  • Advancement (one of the few opportunities to work on the archery and BB belt loops.)

What does camp provide packs?

  • Scouts who attend camp are more likely to stay in Scouting.
  • Opportunity to earn the Summertime Pack Award.

What does camp provide families?

  • Opportunities for parents and sons to share in the fun.
  • A safe and supervised environment for boys to learn and grow.
  • An excellent value as compared to other day-care options.

How can you help get more of your Scouts to camp?

  • Designate a camp coordinator within your pack.
  • Remind parents about camp during den and pack meetings.
  • Invite a camp representative to visit a pack meeting and talk with Scouts and parents.
  • Arrange for your den or pack to attend camp at the same time so boys will be with their friends.
  • Encourage parents to serve as camp den leaders.

Suggested camp promotion timeline

  • January: Recruit pack promotion coordinator. Figure out when your den/pack will attend.
  • February: Camp brochures mailed to families.
  • March: Invite camp representatives to a pack meeting or Blue & Gold.
  • April - June: Pack coordinators encourage and track registration.
  • July: Go to camp. Have FUN!

Pack Camp Coordinator Job Description

  • Work with the camping committee to keep parents informed of camping opportunities.
  • Promote Cub Scout day camp at pack meetings and events.
  • Remind parents of application deadlines, and assist with understanding applications and medical forms.
  • Help recruit leadership and parents to volunteer at day camp.
  • Attend the camp orientation meeting.

Honor Summer Camp Unit Program

In 2016, Camp Split Rock is encouraging packs to participate in the Honor Unit Program. By completing the list of requirements below your Pack could earn an Honor Unit ribbon to display on your flag, as well as a Camp Coordinator patch to award your Camp Coordinator, and best of all, a free pizza party for your pack while they are at camp! What a great way to show your boys (and adults) that going to camp each summer reinforces the scouting program and helps to strengthen your pack program. Best of all? There is no form to fill out. We'll track everything for your pack. 

  1. Pack has a designated Camp Coordinator
    1. Designate one person in charge of organizing the Pack for Summer Camp.
    2. Send name and email address to the Camp Director
    3. We recommend this be someone besides the Cubmaster who can focus solely on promoting summer camp.
  2. Pack has a staff member present a camp promotion at a meeting 
    1. Camp Promotions can be requested here
  3. Pack designates a week they will attend camp.
    1. By focusing the boy's attention to one week of camp you'll ensure there'll always be a friendly and familiar face at camp
    2. This is the week we'll host your Pizza Party!
  4. Pack has positive growth percentage in summer camp attendance
    1. If you didn't send anyone to camp last summer, send at least two cubs to camp this summer (a boy always stays with his buddy!)
    2. If you sent Cubs to camp last summer, bring a higher percentage of your Pack's membership this summer than you did last summer.
      1. Example: 8 out of 20 in 2015 is 40%
      2. Example: 6 out of 10 in 2016 is 60%
      3. An increase in percentage!