Provisional Camping

No problem!

Scouts who cannot attend camp with their own troop, or wish to attend for additional weeks, may attend as part of our provisional troop, Troop 1, Wanocksett. The provisional troop is made up of boys from accross Nashua Valley Council and New England. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and experience summer camp in a whole new way

The troop is supervised by full time staff whose only job is to ensure that the Scouts' week at camp is the best it can be. To join the provisional troop please complete the online registration form (available after March 1). All information must be completed for the registration to be processed. Omitting information will delay the registration process.

  1. Complete Contact Information: This information is used by the Council office staff to contact you in the event that there is a problem with your registration. Complete, accurate information will assist us in serving you better. All information will be used for camp related correspondence only.
  2. Choose Your Week: Pay close attention to the week you select. Dates are NOT the same as last year.
  3. Return the registration form with payment in full as soon as possible. Registering early will help ensure that you get the week you requested. Please have a second week in mind in case we cannot accomodate your first choice. Mail forms to: Nashua Valley Council, BSA, 1980 Lunenburg Rd. Lancaster, MA 01523.
  4. Complete the medical form and bring it with you when you arrive on the first day of camp. Boys will not be permitted to stay at camp without a completed medical form.

Arriving at Camp

The check in process for provisional campers is the same as for other Scouts. The camp gates open at 2:00 PM. Plan on arriving at or shortly after 2:00. The camp staff will greet parents and Scouts at the gate, and assist with unloading gear and transporting it to the campsite. The Provisional Scoutmaster will take charge of the boys and guide them through the check-in process, which will include a medical screening and a swimming test. Later in the afternoon the Profivisional staff will assist campers in signing up for merit badges and other activities for the week.


Most provisional campers are housed in 8-person bunk houses in the camp's provisional campsite. The Provisional Scoutmasters have their own cabin and keep a close watch over the boys. Cabins are equipped with electric lights, bunks and mattresses. On weeks when the number of provisional campers exceeds the available cabin space, campers will be housed in the standard canvas platform tents in an adjacent campsite.

Nashua Valley Council Camps comply with the regulations of the State Department of Public Health