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Reservations & Orientations

Campsite Reservations

To reserve a campsite, a $100 deposit, accompanied by a Campsite Reservation Form, should be given to the Camp Director (while at camp) or to the Council Service Center by October 1st of the year preceding your desired attendance. Reservations will be accepted no more than one year in advance. Please note that troops who had secured a site through a deposit prior to October 1st and later choose to withdraw forfeits their right to a refund. All sites are available on a first come, first serve basis with the following conditions: All Nashua Valley Council units who request a site prior to October 1st will be accommodated. A unit in a particular site and week this summer will be given priority for that site and week next summer. After October 1st, all sites that have not been secured by both a deposit and a campsite reservation form will become available to any paying unit on a first come, first served basis.

Camp Wanocksett has sites designed for troops of all sizes. Keep your troop size in mind when consulting the size chart for our camp below. Although every effort will be made to accommodate your choice, we reserve the right to relocate troops.

Campsite Sizes
Campsite Unit Size Campsite Unit Size
Abnaki  10 - 20 King Philip 13 - 26 
 Upper Abnaki   -  Kiowa 10 - 20 
 Lower Abnaki   -  Merrimac  10 - 20 
Apache 19 - 38  Monadnock  11 - 22 
Arrowhead 11 - 22  Nipmuc  8 - 16 
Blackfoot 14 - 28  Rotary  20 - 40 
Crow 11 - 22  Sioux  22 - 44 
Iroquois 23 - 46   Big Sioux  12 - 24 
 Upper Iroquois 15 - 30   Little Sioux  10 - 20 
 Lower Iroquois 8 - 16     

Online Registration

We encourage all unit leaders to register their troops online if possible, but paper registrations will still be available as in previous years.  Troop rosters (including adults) and merit badge choices must be entered by June 15.  However, the registration form can be edited right up until the day before your camp week starts.  You can find the online registration form at

Pre-Camp Orientation Meetings

We invite Scoutmasters and Senior Patrol Leaders to camp on the Wednesday night two weeks before the arrival of their troop for the weekly Wednesday Night BBQ at 6:00 PM, followed by a pre- camp orientation meeting with the Camp Administration at 7:00 PM. The meeting will take place in the Administration Building. At this meeting, Scoutmasters must submit their medical forms. Failure to submit all medical forms at least two weeks before check-in will result in delayed processing. If we do not have your forms two weeks ahead of your arrival, your troop will be the last to be medically screened and the last to complete swim checks, regardless of the order in which you arrive at camp. The Camp Administration will discuss any final information that you will need for the upcoming week of camp. The dates for these meetings are:

If you are attending camp during: Your pre-camp meeting will be held on:
Week One: June 29 - July 5 Wednesday, June 24
Week Two: July 6 - July 12 Wednesday, June 24
Week Three: July 13 - July 19 Wednesday, July 1
Week Four: July 20 - July 26 Wednesday, July  8
Week Five: July 27 - August 2 Wednesday, July 15
Week Six: August 3 - August 9 Wednesday, July 22
Week Seven: August 10 - August 16 Wednesday, July 29