Medical Form Instructions

Accurate medical records for campers and staff are required by BSA standards and state law. They are also critical to ensure timely, effective care should you or your Scout become sick or injured while at camp. All campers, adult leaders and staff MUST complete the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record form annually. Forms expire after 12 months.



Scouts MAY NOT participate in many camp activities including (but not limited to) swimming, boating, climbing, COPE, and sports, and may not remain in camp longer than 72 hours without a completed medical form.

Read the medical form carefully. This page highlights areas that are commonly incomplete. All portions of the form must be completed for ALL summer camp programs.

Common mistakes include:

  • Missing emergency contact information (Part B)
  • Incomplete medication information (Part B)
  • Missing authorization for non-prescription medication (Part B)
  • Missing medical insurance card (Part B)
  • Missing immunization record (Part B)
  • Missing parent/guardian signature (Part A & B)
  • Missing physician signature (Part B & C)
  • Physical exam more than 12 months ago (Part C)

NOTE: State regulations require that a copy of your complete immunization record be attached to your medical form.

Submitting your medical form

Scouts attending camp with their troop should submit their medical forms to the unit leader. Unit leaders, please bring all medical forms to the pre-camp meeting in July.

Scouts attending camp in the provisional troop should bring their form with them to check-in on Sunday, even if you have attended camp with your troop earlier in the summer.

MEDICAL FORMS ARE NOT RETURNED AT THE END OF CAMP. Always submit a COPY of your medical form. Keep the original for use at other Scouting activities.