Properties & Program Talent Search

We need your help! We all know that Camp Wanocksett is one of the premier Scout camps in the Northeast. Camp Split Rock hosts our Cub Scout Day Camp and many of our off-season training programs. What many of our visitors may not realize is that it takes a huge effort on the part of our volunteers, to keep up with the routine maintenance and new projects that help keep these camps in the front of the pack.

Thanks to grants from the George Magee Foundation, financial support from our communities, and the success of our summer camp program, we have had major building projects at both Camp Wanocksett and Camp Split Rock every year for the last decade. We’ve built three new composting restrooms, a new shower house, a climbing tower, new staff housing, rebuilt the high ropes course, replaced roofs, doors, and windows, and completed major structural repairs on several aging buildings. We’ve done all of this, almost entirely, with volunteer labor.

We’re not done yet!

As we look forward, the properties & program teams have developed an ambitious list of projects, and want to expand program offerings year round. We’re going to need the help of new volunteers, unit leaders, and even older Scouts and Venturers to accomplish these. If you want to be part of the next phase of growth at Camp Wanocksett or Camp Split Rock, take a minute to complete our survey so the properties & program teams can get in touch with you, and keep you informed of work schedules and progress.

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